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Values & Culture

KOEL believes in and lives by the motto - “Enriching Lives”

We have consciously chosen to infuse vibrancy into our culture, and synergised it with greater dynamism and accelerated performance. Our value process is focused on the manner in which our stakeholders think, feel and act.

Quality, Customer focus, Respect for people and Integrity form the cornerstones of our conduct at KOEL. Our values and beliefs are the guiding principles in decision making and clearly influence our management functions. At KOEL, tradition is well aligned with organisational character and identity.

In its long journey, the Kirloskar Group has relentlessly pursued business ethics that continuously strive for customer satisfaction by focusing on customer desires. We emphasise the quality of the products we manufacture. We never negotiate quality for quantity and always strive hard to deliver the best products and services to our customers.

Respect for the individual is another value that is deeply ingrained in our culture and is reflected in our behaviour. Respect for our employees as well those with whom we interact is given prime importance.

Our motto reaffirms our belief in our business in providing state-of-the-art solutions to millions of people directly or indirectly associated with us and it is this belief that enables us to deliver our best.