Fire Fighting

Reliability of the fire protections systems is a major concern for insurance companies and end users. A prime contributor to the reliability of fire pumps is a dependable driver.

With over sixty years of experience in engine designing and manufacturing, Kirloskar Oil engines ltd has the capability to offer dependable diesel engines for critical applications. The company works with OEMs, contractors, consultants and end users over the years, has given it a comprehensive understanding of the need for cost effective and reliable diesel engines for fire pump packages.

Kirloskar presence and dominance (85% market share) is for more than two decades for Engines on applications like Standard Fire Fighting,  FM/UL certified firefighting pumpsets, Dewatering, Industrial application as well as pumpsets required in Oil and Gas sector.

The engines are available in Radiator cooled, Heat exchanger cooled as well as Air cooled options, and have wide range of power ratings (142 different ratings) available from 1500 RPM to 3000 RPM and power available from 19 HP to 750 HP.

Fire Fighting Standard Pumpsets

The engines available in radiator cooler option for standard firefighting pumpsets. The varied engine rating options available starting from 38 HP to 510 HP and RPM range from 1500 RPM to 2300 RPM. The engine models and ratings are mentioned. This engines are complying to TAC norms.

Fire Fighting FMUL Certified

Kirloskar offers KFP series engines which are designed to meet the stringent requirements of Factory Mutual (FM), Underwriters Laboratories (UL) as well as NFPA 20 standards. KFP series engines are currently available in 37 different ratings approved by FM and listed by UL. These stringent approval criteria covers performance and functional requirements, examination of manufacturing facility, quarterly audits of quality assurance procedures and a follow up program to verify approved conformance.  Kirloskar is the only company in Asia Pacific and amongst the three global players to have FM/UL certification for firefighting engines.  The range for FMUL listed engines is available from 62 HP to 336 HP and RPM from 1760 RPM to 3000 RPM.

Dewatering Pumpsets

Kirloskar air cooled engine (HA series) are used more prominently for dewatering applications in domestic as well as in exports mainly in Middle East countries. KOEL air cooled engines are known for the highest reliability and continuous running in without any breakdowns. 

Fire Fighting for Oil Refineries

The oil refineries require fire pumpset with highest reliability and safeties to ensure the pumpset operates during the untoward incident of fire. Kirloskar engines are the preferred choice by all the leading refineries in India as well as in Exports market. The population of more than 1500 nos+ Kirloskar engines in different refineries in India.