FM-UL Certified Engines

FM Approved and UL Listed engines are offered in the range of 43hp to 336hp with different ratings available at 1760rpm to 3000 rpm. Following table summarizes the engine models ratings that are offered :

  1760 2100 2200 2350 2600 2800 2900 3000
KFP4R-FM05D1*             43hp  
KFP4R-UF05           57hp 56hp 55hp
KFP4R-UF07 62hp 70hp 74hp 74hp 77hp      
KFP4R-UF08           77hp 77hp 76hp
KFP4R-UF15 108hp 111hp 117hp 143hp 151hp      
KFP4R-UF16R1           105hp 128hp 152hp
KFP4R-UF16R2           146hp 131hp 116hp
KFP6R-UF25 169hp 191hp 196hp 203hp 225hp      
KFP6R-UF26R1           251hp 249hp 247hp
KFP6R-UF26R2           164hp 191hp 217hp
KFP6S-UF35 288hp 336hp 332hp 330hp        

Note:*FM Approved Only