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Manufacturing Facilities

Four facilities with a workforce of more than 3100 people

Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd (KOEL) has a nation-wide network of operations that delivers high-quality products. We have advanced manufacturing units in India at our Pune, Nashik, Rajkot and Kolhapur plants. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities ensure that KOEL engines are manufactured in an optimised and eco-friendly manner.

The Pune-based unit additionally includes administrative, sales & marketing, sourcing & testing and validation facilities.

Our large engines facility at Nashik includes a machine shop and assembly line capable of manufacturing most of the necessary components for in-line and vee engines. Our engine test facility is well-equipped to test engines from 2.5 MW to 10 MW dynamometers. We also have facilities to test diesel generating (DG) sets up to 5 MW rating.

The manufacturing plants are well-equipped with advanced CNC machinery; they have modern, cutting-edge technology for the machining of all critical components. The units are safe, environment friendly and energy-efficient.

KOEL strives to continuously improve its production lines. The manufacturing facilities are consistently upgraded and improved to ensure total built-in quality at a competitive cost.