Unstoppable energy leads to monumental growth, for our customers, our investors and our businesses.


Helping build a future that’s driven by constant growth.

By relentlessly innovating and continually evolving, we believe in always being ahead of the curve. At the heart of all our partnerships is our desire to create value for everyone by continually forging ahead and being future ready. To invest in Kirloskar Oil Engines is to invest in a company that believes in energetically unleashing the limitless potential of a nation to create enhanced value for everyone.

Stock Price

Our futuristic vision drives us to grow and excel even in the testing times. We have always delivered beyond our stakeholders’ expectations. Year on year, we’ve given the challenging environment a tough fight, and navigate towards growth.

For Share Holders

Our Shareholders are the most valuable asset of KOEL. The pledge to deliver the maximum returns to our shareholders have driven us to achieve excellence and attract the right talent and partners.

Annual Reports

We always set ourselves moving targets. Year-over-year, our targets evolve and our goalposts move. Take an in-depth look at our results for this year as well as others from the past.