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Fast Tracker

Fast Trackers are groomed to be future leaders at KOEL

The era of globalisation has not only triggered constant changes in the business environment, but also created a plethora of new opportunities. It thus becomes imperative to recognize potential leadership talent from within the organization and design HR programs that will provide employees the required learning for accelerated career growth. KOEL believes this would serve to motivate the performers as well as create a leadership pool.

All employees who fulfill certain criteria appear for a preliminary aptitude test. Employees who clear this stage go through another round of rigorous selection. Employees who come out with flying colors would be considered as Fast Trackers and would be groomed to become the future leaders of the company.

Fast Trackers are generally bright, ambitious people who want to know where they stand and what they have to do for the growth and development of our organization.

  • Tests their abilities, and help them gain the relevant experience they will need down the line.
  • Trains and groomed them in various other aspects other than the day-to-day work and are assigned certain roles which enable them to gain a strategic perspective of the business as a whole.
  • Provided an environment where experimentation and innovation within certain broad boundaries are encouraged.