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In agricultural sector, Kirloskar fulfils the motive power needs of customers globally; essentially farmers, who require products in the range of 3 hp to 130 hp. The company manufactures a variety of quality diesel engines and pumpsets powering more than 25 applications across five sectors, namely;
  • Pumpsets
  • Industrial

With a market share of over 15 per cent, Kirloskar engines comply with the current emission norms and are ready for the forthcoming ones.
KOEL is committed to offer competitive business solutions to farmers and industry related customers, which will help lower operating cost and improve availability of products, while maintaining product quality on par with global markets. In order to achieve this, the business is now divided into two segments, namely;

The journey of engineering excellence continues and we aim to be among the top 10 manufacturers of diesel engines in the global Agri and Industrial Engine market.