Mega T

Unique Features


Transmission braking system for the Power Tiller

Power tiller are used for different farming applications. Controlling the power tiller during critical situation such as bund crossing, going uphill or downhill, precision navigation and stoppage is difficult. The creation of the braking system enables the power tiller user to control and stop the machine in critical situations.

The braking system is mounted externally on the transmission. It is actuated with an independent lever conveniently positioned on the handle, which applies brakes on the main shaft of the transmission. This braking force offers resistance to the rotation of the transmission and in turn resisting the wheel rotation resulting in braking action.

Side power take off arrangement for power tiller

Current power tillers are used with ground engaging tools like rotary tiller mounted on the power tiller. The utility of the machine can be increased, when provided with power take off arrangement without disturbing ground engaging (tillage) tools and applications. Since this arrangement is provided after the clutch, the clutch can be used to control the power taken out from this PTO.

The power take off can be used for variety of applications like driving pumps, sprayer, and chaff cutters.

This development enables farmers to increase the utility of the power tiller in other applications as mentioned above. This will eliminate the need to have separate prime movers for running these equipment there by provide economic benefits to the farmer.

Mounted material carriage system on Power Tiller

Presently, there are many types of equipment available for moving the agricultural goods on rural roads or up to the farm. Example, Tractor trailer, small three wheeled and four wheeled trucks and tempos. The infield movement is generally left to animal driven carts or carried out manually. This becomes a challenging task after seeds are sown in the fields.

The mounted material carriage system enables farmers to address this need.

The mounted material arrange can be attached to the power tiller, which enables the farmer to move agricultural goods (like seeds, fertilizers, bags, pesticides, small farm tools) up to the point of application in the field even when the crops are present in the farm.

The attachment will also enable the farmers to collect the farm produce such as fruits, vegetables, ripened crops and wood and bring it out of the farm even when crops are standing in the farm land.

Power tiller with adjustable handle, 360o nose wheel, easy ride on and off

By using the adjustable handle arrangement in Power tiller, farmers can use the machine in various applications with comfortable drive. With this arrangement, the machine increases productivity and the experience is comfortable.

In downhill bund crossing conditions, the support towards the front side of the axle provides good control of the machine enhancing operator safety.

In the traditional power tiller, the user has to walk behind the power tiller which puts imitation on usage by virtue of speed of the machine. The machine moves to the speed of the user for all applications. Further, fear of snake bites and other animals in wetlands and dry lands applications puts mental limitations on the user. With this unique sitting arrangement the user can use this machine at much higher speeds and can complete work in short durations. Which in turn saves fuel cost and time.

This feature allows the user to ride off in any unfavourable condition, which makes this complete system safer to operate in harsher climate and terrains.

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