Maintenance Tips

Before starting the generating set, please ensure:

  • Consumables like lube oil and coolant are as per recommended level.
  • Diesel used is high speed diesel.
  • There is no adulteration of diesel with kerosene, naphtha, etc.
  • Battery is fully charged.
  • All the electrical connection are properly tightened.
  • There is proper ventilation to generating set.

During Operation of the generating set, please ensure:

  • Balanced load on all the three phases of generating set.
  • Proper load on engine / generating set, observe the smoke should not be black in color.
  • Lube oil pressure and coolant temperature are within limit.
  • There are no leakages inside the canopy.

Preventive maintenance, please ensure:

  • Replacement of oil, coolant, filters as per recommended intervals.
  • Use of consumables like lube oil, coolants, filters etc. are as recommended by KOEL.
  • Use genuine spare parts for longer engine life.
  • All the mounting fasteners are properly tightened
  • After the work there is no unwanted material left inside the canopy such as oily rags or used parts.

For green environment, please ensure:

  • The used lube oil, filters, fuel, coolant and carbon sludge is not thrown away in open land, gutters or landfills. This could lead to contamination of lakes, rivers, streams and ground water supplies.
  • The local legislation rules of safety, fire hazard, waste treatment and waste disposal are observed and followed.