Gensets | Water Cooled

6R1080TA - 125 kVA

EA10 - 5 kVA

R1080 Series Water - Cooled Genset

Cooling Water-cooled engine
Model 6R1080TA
Power kW (hp) 113.2 (154)
Prime Power Genset  rating at 0.8 pf (kVA) 100
Overall canopy dimensions L x W x H (mm) 3490 x 1340 x 1885
Approx. weight  (with canopy) kg 2700


  • Specially designed for heavy-duty, continuous applications.
  • Electronic governer as option available for running gensets in synchronisation for parallel operations.
  • 12 V electric start system.
  • Least maintenance and lowest operating costs
  • Lube oil change period of 500 hours.
  • Aesthetically superior compact design and smaller foot print, fully integrated weather proof acoustic enclosure.
  • Conforms to low noise emission norms as per CPCB and also compliant with the latest international emission norms.
  • Smart Genset Monitor Control (GMC) for closely monitoring the engine, genset and safety system.