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Farm Mechanization

About KMW

Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited (KOEL), an industry leader in agricultural pump sets and power generating units, has developed a new range of ‘Smarter Farm Machines’ in the form of the multi-utility Power Tiller.

Power tillers are generally used with ground engaging tools like rotary tillers which are mounted on the power tiller. The utility of the tiller can be increased with the power take off arrangement which can be used for variety of other farming related applications. This reduces the burden of investing in separate prime movers for each operation, thus providing economic benefits to the farmer.

Smarter Farm Machine is the product of KOEL’s in-house design with more than 90% of components indigenous. The revolutionary product is a power tiller which works like a tractor. With this machine, farmers would be able to sit on the machine and operate in the field comfortably. This machine could be used for multi-applications in dry land as well as wet land because of more power, better back torque, mid PTO (Power take-off), better speeds, easy attachments, driver seat and many more features including safety aspects like disc actuated brakes and better balancing, tractor style bonnet, side PTO, more space for entry and exit facilitating farmers to relax while operating in the field.  

Kirloskar’s smarter farm machines will be manufactured as the company’s new manufacturing site at Kagal, near Kolhapur, Maharashtra, with a production capacity of 12,000 machines per annum. The product will have over 200 exclusive sales, service and spares dealerships across India with close to 500 touch points for sales enquiry, servicing and parts availability.