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6 hp Air-Cooled Bare Engine

Engine type:
Vertical, Single Cylinder,
Air-Cooled, Four Stroke Cycle,
Compression Ignition Diesel Engine

Technical Specification
No. of Cylinders - 2
Bore X Stroke (mm) 80 X 110
Cubic Capacity (Ltr) 0.553
Compression Ratio - 17.5 : 1
Rated Output kW(hp) 4.41 (6)
Rated Speed rpm 1500
Torque at Full Load (Crankshaft Drive) kN-m(kg-m) 0.024 (2.387)
Torque at Full Load (Camshaft Drive) kN-m(kg-m) 0.048 (4.775)
Crank Shaft Center Height (mm) 203
Specific Fuel Consumption (SFC) (gm/hp-hr) 202 + 5%
Lub Oil Consumption - 1% of SFC max.
Lub Oil Sump Capacity (Ltr) 3 at higher level on dipstick
Fuel Tank Capacity (Ltr) 6.5
Physical dimensions of bare engine (Length X Width X Height) (mm) 531 X 546 X 856
Engine Weight (dry) (kg) 163
Rotation while looking at the flywheel - Clockwise
Power Take-off - Flywheel End
Starting - Hand Start
Governing - Class “B1”
Type of Fuel Injection - Direct Injection
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